Maro Beach

Maro Beach

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The Costa del sol has beautiful beaches that occupy spots which are still preserved along the old waterfront of malaga, spots where the environment isdominated by nature.

Learn about one of the most beautiful beaches of Spain. Located at the foot of the cliffs of the Sierra de Tejada, in a beautiful cove which owes its name to the small town of Nerja and bears his name: Maro.

Enjoy your holiday basking in the sun in absolute tranquility. Swim in the crystal clear warm waters just a few kilometers from the center of town and inherent facilities.

The Maro Beach is small and very popular due to its unique beauty, therefore it is advisable to arrive early to be able to enjoy of an unforgettable day.

On the beach

La cala de Maro is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches of the coast of Malaga. The beach extends over about 500 metres of coastline with cliffs, ridges, reed beds and abundant vegetation. The sand is thick and bathed in clean water which is blue-green crystal colour. Under the sea you will find some spots of coral and associated fish which make this a great place snorkelling and diving.

A few years ago the city Council of Nerja updated the accesses to the beach as well as its infrastructure in order to adapt it to cater for children and even disabled people.

Maro Beach

Services available at the beach

Access for disabled
Since first responders
Sun loungers
Restaurant (bar)

Activities on the beach

This beach has the privilege of being within a natural setting so that the underwater fauna of its waters is impressive.

Apart from taking a dip and sunbathing, the place is ideal for the practice of:

Kayak trip down the waterfalls of the beach of Maro

Kayak trip

Enjoy an excursion along the cliffs of Maro–Cerro Gordo in the company of an experienced guide where you will be able to enjoy the most secluded and spectacular areas and caves plus its famous waterfall.

Bottom of the Sea in the beach of Maro

Snorkeling / Diving

The Maro Beach is considered a natural park and therefore fishing is prohibited. The area has cliffs and large areas of rocks that make swimming in its waters is a unique experience.

Poster of the Maro Beach

How to find Maro Beach

Take the main road N-340 towards Nerja. To get to the Maro Beach you should then follow directions for the hamlet of the same name Maro.

As a point of reference you can take the roundabout next to the Cave of Nerja. Take the first exit and enter in the village of Maro.

TProceed in a straight line through the streets to get to the Hotel Playa Maro. Turn right and go down the road in the direction of the beach where you will find greenhouses on both sides of the road.

At the end of the journey you will find a small plaza for more parking and a sign with the services offered by this fantastic Maro Beach.

Maro BeachNerja

  • LENGTH: 500 meters
  • WIDTH: 20 meters
  • COASTLINE: Mountain
  • SAND: Dark Sand - Sand
  • ACCESS: Easy walk