Malagueta Beach

Logo of the Beach of la Malagueta in stone

Urban beach within the reach of all

The Malagueta Beach is one of the most well-known beaches of the whole of Andalucia being situated in the centre of the city of Malaga. There are notably few provincial capitals that are privileged position to have such a feature in terms of closeness.

The tourists and residents of Malaga have the chance to enjoy an urban beach more than a kilometre in length and a few metres from their places of rest.

The beach is wide with dark sand and becomes one of the busiest places during the summer due to the versatile characteristics of the beach which make it suitable to accommodate large numbers of visitors. It is not unusual to see concerts, exhibitions and other events here.

Thanks to the climate of Malaga it is possible to see sunbathers taking advantage of the mild temperatures throughout the twelve months of the year.

On the beach

Malagueta Beach is one of the most popular beaches for bathers and welcomes you in its warm sand. The main reason for its popularity is its proximity to the center of the capital.

We are talking about a very large beach so you don't have to get up early to find a place. If you want to spend a nice day at the beach, you can easily secure your patch in which to place the parasol and towel on the Malagueta Beach.

Along the beach there are palm groves on grass, where you can find shade when the heat of the sun is beating down and there are many beach bars lining the promenade so that you can drink and eat easily in a very pleasant atmosphere.

The water tends to have a lower temperature on average without getting to be excessively cold so that you are guaranteed to cool off after sunbathing.

Care should be taken on this beach (especially with small children), due to the orientation of the coastline, once you enter the sea it will quickly deepen making walking or standing impossible.

The sea in the Beach of la Malagueta

Enjoying the day on the Beach of la Malagueta

Services available at the beach

Showers and foot washers
Daily cleaning
Area Nautical
Children's play area
Car parks
Urban buses
Sports equipment
First aid
Green areas
Rental sunbeds and parasols
Bins and containers
Floating platforms
Summer cinema
Beach bars and Restaurants
Blue Flag

Very close to here

We are in the centre of Malaga that means the following: you are near EVERYTHING.

Probably if you walk a leisurely walk to this fantastic Beach of la Malagueta can be that you will run into:

Sunset in the Pier One

Pier One

The Pier One is a new concept of shopping center inside the Port of Malaga. Facing the sea, open to the city, with fashion shops, and entertainment venues for the whole family. A shopping street living, modern wide all the current options in the downtown area of Málaga.

The Hub of the Centre Pompidou Malaga

Centre Pompidou Malaga

The Centre Pompidou Málaga is the headquarters of a National Centre for Art and Culture Georges Pompidou of Paris, which displays collections of art of the XX and XXI centuries. It is located within the Pier One in a space called "The Cube".

Aerial view of the Park of Malaga

Park ride

The Park of Málaga, Alameda Park is a park along the Port of Malaga. The design is typical of a mediterranean garden with a great variety of flora of tropical and subtropical species of the five continents.

Vista aérea de la Plaza de Toros de Málaga

Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta

Arena in the form of hexadecágono located in the neighborhood of La Malagueta. In the month of August to coincide with the Feria de Málaga held the largest program of cumshots. Also of particular interest is the corrida Picassiana that takes place in Holy Week.

Malagueta BeachMalaga

  • LENGTH: 1.200 meters
  • WIDTH: 45 meters
  • COASTLINE: Urban
  • SAND: Dark Sand - Sand
  • ACCESS: Walk easy / Car