Burriana beach

Unforgettable as featured in the TV series Summer Blue

The Eastern Costa del Sol has the charm of being the part of the málaga coast which has retained its original state. Surrounded by large cliffs and vegetation, the Beach of Burriana is one of the most well-known and popular beaches of the Axarquia of Malaga.

On this beach you are guaranteed to rest in an enclave of fabulous crystal clear waters where the blue flag is awarded, indicating the quality of the water, sand and services provided.

On the beach

The Burriana Beach is a sandy beach area on the east side of Nerja. The quality of its waters, and the conditions for swimmers ensures it regularly receives the "Q for Quality Tourism in Beaches".

The beach access is somewhat complicated because the beach is located under a slope which is a little steep, and there is limited space for parking. Once on the promenade called Antonio Mercero, in honor of the producer of the famous 80's tv series "Summer Blue" which was shot in Nerja, you will find a multitude of restaurants, souvenir shops, shoe stores, etc.

The sea tends to have a moderate swell and becomes quite deep very quickly.

Services available at the beach

Handicapped access
Water Sports For Hire
Rescue team
Cleaning of Beaches
Signaling of Danger
Service Relief

Near here

Burriana, despite its size, offers everything necessary to enjoy an unforgettable day at the beach. We recommend that you visit:

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Burriana beachNerja

  • LENGTH: 800 metres
  • WIDTH: 40 meters
  • COASTLINE: Urban
  • SAND: Dark Sand - Sand
  • ACCESS: Walk easy / Car