The Project RUSHMORE

With the Project RUSHMORE touring motorcycles evolved to the next level. At Harley Davidson they did so as the only way they knew how to IE: your way, the way of the motorcyclists. Thousands of hours and thousands of kilometres of testing the technology and innovations resulted in truly ing the driving of motorcycles. Reviewing models end-to-end. Workong better, more elegantly, more fitting, etc, always looking for the classic style Harley Davidson with a stylish look and yet modern at the same time.

Badges on the tank and the fender

Excellence is paramount to the design any of the Harley Davidson range of motorcycles. It is for this reason that they are considered works of art, and the Road King was not going to be an exception. No detail is too small for the Harley Davidson design team.

Front-wheel Impeller 17"

The front of the Road King is dominated by the wheel, Impeller 10-spoke and 17-inch cast aluminum. The rear wheel is still Impeller but this time 16-inch. With the idea of showing as much as possible of the wheel the brake rotors have been redesigned.

Headlamp classic style Hiawatha

The great headlamp that presides over the Road King is not dissimilar to the Big twins of the 60s. Always using the technology and materials of the highest quality and calibre. The optical reflector lens light projects a high light over a greater distance and the low light gives a wider coverage. The light during the day is very bright and reaches very far during the night.

Indicators mounted on the tank

The graphics and the widths of the indicators of the Road King have been completely redesigned. New readings for the revolutions per minute (RPM) with a fine and elegant gear indicator in the odometer display. So that the rider can consult as much information as possible with a simple glance.

License plate mounted in low position

Thelicense plate is mounted in the lowest position and concealing the clamping elements. There is also an optional detail of adding LED lighting all around the plate giving it an original touch and optimum visibility when traveling at night.

Fuel tank Classic

Something unique to the Harley Davidson Road King is the scale to show off the paint. It has a fuel tank of 22.7 liters of classic style with space to display Premium or Custom paintings.

Pure style Harley Davidson

It is a joy to be able to see the Twin Cam 103 engine that betrays its origins. This is the authentic and genuine style that you can not see in any other motorcycle company. The cylinder heads and cylinders powder are coated black and highlighted on their fins and chrome covers. It is a wonder made of metal. The Twin Cam 103 engine is a winning combination of keeping what is true with what the rider seeks.