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Back in the year 1957 the first Sportster came to the fore and it was an entire innovation. The attitude of the bike was rugged, powerful and ready to roll. The years following confirmed that this bike would be a reference since it became a moto-cut. You can experience the style of a Sportster with us, rent your Harley Davidson and enjoy the ride. The bike makes is famous for it´s responsive driving, the jewel shaped fuel tank along the bright steel speaks of the American ancestry of this beautiful motorcycle.

Models Available

Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom

Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom

If you like the bikes that shine, the Davidson Sporters have a lot chromium. The Custom 1200´s brightness is alligned to it´s "Bad Boy" attitude on the street. It has 1200 cc of torque at low rpm H-D for the feeling you have while driving the asphalt is optimal. Comes with new seat and new suspension for the comfort to be the ideal at all times. Have a personalized detail on the bike. This bike will not go unnoticed in any place.

Harley Davidson Sportster SuperLow 1200T

Harley Davidson Sportster SuperLow 1200T

If there is any motorcycle that can convert into a real trip going to the other side of the corner is, without doubt, the SuperLow 1200T. Owns the frame nimble and lightweight for easy driving. Windshield, removable saddlebags lockable to the open road. It has a new seat. A low center of gravity combined with a new suspension allows this bike to be ideal for the traffic of the city as to make your way on the road.


Ion engine

The Evolution of Sportster motorcycles is unique and complete. Power, durability and reliability are the hallmarks of the legendary American company. This engine evolves from the mythical Shovelhead and Ironhed engines that were the heart of the Sportster motorcycle since 1984. The design of the top valve and the gear of four cams are thanks to Harley Davidson´s racing program. These enhancements, you will feel from the surge of the torque that accompanies each turn of the throttle. The V-Twin engine is air-cooled with a compact transmission/crankcase. The evolution of this model is clear. Initially, the robust design has evolved little by little until you get today´s perfect modern design. The machine is living proof of the good ideas and innovation that are always characterized to Harley Davidson.


The appearance and the feeling of freedom that the Sporters 1200 offers is the key to a unique experience. Here is where Harley Davidson has applied the most current technology in operation. The brilliant finish of the bike, the integrated electrical system, which reduces the wiring, switches, relays and fuses, the new seats across the entire range of Sportsters upgrading the materials used for the finish to be as comfortable and simple as possible, the new suspension system with damping cartridges in the front and a system of emulsion cartridges which can be adjustable back so that the irregularities of the road are not a problem while you are driving. No accessory is unnecessary, everything is designed to make your Sportsters 1200 the most complete and rewarding for the driver.


The streets are the natural environment of the Sportster. Its V-Twin engine next to its narrow and nimble frame are the main features of this model of bikes. Trust us. Hop on the seat of any model Sportster. You will see in person the amount of innovations and improvements implemented in recent years for example the new full suspension, with shock absorbers, emulsion cartridge and adjuster screws to be able to further fine-tune the handling in each Sportsters. Everything is under control giving security and a great ride for the driver. A unique sensation. Whether you drive in town or if you leave the city in search of adventure.


It is impossible to watch a Sportster motorcycle rolling down the road without be aware of the comfort. Sit back and sink into the seat and you will discover comfort in capital letters. The engine is mounted in rubber to the frame, so that you will feel the power of the Evolution V-Twin engine without any vibration. The handlebar fits perfectly with your fists and the foot rests with your boots. The seat is designed down to the millimeter up to the point that you can adjust the rear suspension to the way which is most optimal. The versatility is present in every part of this motorcycle.