Features of the Fat Boy Model

Grades tires accompany these motorcycles. It has 17" wheels in aluminum silver disc cast, with simulations of bullet holes. The tyres look spectacular with a rubber width of 140 mm in the front and a thickness of 200 mm at the rear. Vertical double pipes with a hairpin form the thick front located behind the gigantic light system. The handlebars are wide and enormous, made of stainless steel. The medallion of the fuel tank has a large amount of details and mirror chrome finished. This motorcycle is defined by it´s width and large structure.

Wheels with mirror-type chrome finishes

The wheels of these motorcycles have simulated bullet holes covered in gleaming chrome are simply amazing. This is the letter of presentation of the model Fat Boy. This bike looks brilliant and attractive, and leaves no one indifferentto its presence.

Style Fat Custom

The style recalls the infamous Chopper"Hard Tail" motorcycles of the 60's and 70's. Despite the passage of time (over 40 years) motorcycles Fat Boy keeps that alive the legacy that this bike has inherited. This is the original motorcycle "Fat Custom" with a nostalgic profile that predominates this model and not only covers the chrome and the retro style. It is how you feel when you drive it. The driving posture is classic. From here you master the machine while you are enjoying the trip.

Details of the tank Fat Custom

The tank with its leather strap, the insignia side fully chromed next to the speedometer, and the console power switch all join together to create the Fat Boy effect. The speedometer face on the Fat Boy has a large screen of and a secondary display for gear and RPM. In this way you can check all information at a glance.

Rear shocks hidden

If you need a motorcycle supreme in appearance, with stiffened suspension, without losing any of the comfort of driving, this is your motorcycle ideal. The configuration of the motorcycle is intended to make the most of the comforts of modern technology which are under the surface of the bike. All visible areas have been preserved with the old look so typical in the classic lines of the "hard tails" with rear horizontal shock absorbers hidden on the inside. This appearance as the only feature you will also find in the series of Harley Davidson Softail.