Authentic Style

Seeing the look of a motorcycle Softail it is easy for nostalgia to overwhelm us. We are facing a style of motorcycle that has aged with time in an incredible way. The secret lies in the extensive experience gained from many years driving on the road, repairing motorcycles, talking with other motorcycle lovers, to find out exclusively what works. This is the secret behind the design. You will be impressed by the oil tank in the shape of a horseshoe characteristic of the Softail models. There is always an important similarity with the Chopper Panhead of the seventies, the designs of which are always at the design table for the Harley Davidson team. On a Softail motorcycle every part comes from the genuine tradition of a company that has decades of experience, constantly innovating their designs. Other companies can only mimic, none can comparewith the Harley Davidson history.

Models Available

Harley Davidson Softail Fat Boy

Harley Davidson Softail Fat Boy

When Willie G. Davidson took the model Fat Boy to Bike Week for the first time, he stopped the traffic. No one had seen before, a motorcycle custom from the factory with such visual impact. The look was pure Harley, but totally new. Since then, the model Fat Boy has not remained stagnant. From the chrome disc wheels, solid lines, powerful new engine High Output Twin Cam 103B to the curve of its distinctive rear fender, this machine is built to make an impact. Drive one and you will understand.

Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic

Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic

The model Heritage Softail Classic is nostalgic of times past, but that is only half of the equation for the motorcyclist of today. The hidden suspension gives you the authentic look without the devastating trip of an old hard tail. You'll get the convenience of cruise control for those long stretches of road. Both seat and leather saddlebags redesigned. And best of all, a new engine, High Output Twin Cam 103B. Harley Davidson are not reinventing the look, but they never stop reinventing the ride.


Ion Engine

The V-Twin 45 ° air-cooled engine which is the heart of each Softail is something that makes a Harley Davidson motorcycle special to drive, fitting snugly in the tubes of the lower frame. Harley Davidson have put all of their extensive knowledge about engines into the design of the Softail. The engine can be screwed directly to the frame, thus keeping the central style and allowg the driver to feel the roar of the V-Twin engine. From 2016 the family of Softail motorcycles were updated with more power through the engine's High Output Twin Cam 103B.


If something distinguishes the line of Softail motorcycles is that despite bringing the latest in technology the look is still classic. This is not by chance, look also at the classic “hard tail” motorcycles, with their lines, spacious and clean.Normally customization results in a totally different bike, yet at Harley Davidson they have not allowed this, seeking rather to maintain the classic style and keeping the modernity hidden from view. Look at the anti-lock brakes that come as standard on many Softail models as the ABS that gives you the control and security you're looking for. The keyia always to find the design to be as aerodynamic as possible. Don't miss the new system of acceleration-mail that comes in all the Softail models. Every year the softail is more high-tech without ever losing its essence.


If you're wondering what it feels like to drive a motorcycle Softail Harley Davidson, now is your chance to experience that thrill. Enjoy the rigid and firm suspension, well balanced geometry and precise braking. The low seat gives the feeling of control as you roll down the road, in the open air. You and your Softail.


The Softail models of Harley Davidson come from the rigid “hard tail” frames that are liked by so many drivers. The problem comes with the handling. It was necessary to have a “corset” to fix all the parts of the bike and this was not good for driving. It is for this reason that Harley Davidson uses modern technology possible to leave on the surface the aspect of a bike's classic appearance, obtaining the classic lines in a structure of “hard tail” with rear shock absorbers horizontal hidden on the inside. This appearance of rigid is only available in a Softail model.