On the 2nd and 4th of June the 25th anniversary of the dog fair is celebrated in the town of Archidona.
It has been declared a unique festival of the province as well as a holiday of National Tourist Interest in Andalusia.
This fair will be held in different areas of the city.

During the fair a great amount of activities related to the canine world are developed like are the purchase and sale, the catwalks of rehalas of dogs, exhibitions of training, contests and expositions.

Program XXV Edition of the Fair of the Dog of Archidona.

Friday 2 of June.

21:00h. Official Inauguration of the XXV Dog Fair of Archidona, in charge of Ms. Mercedes Montero Frías, Mayor of the Illidre Ayuntamiento de Archidona. Acknowledgments for the 25th Anniversary of the Fair. Inaugural conference by D.David Nieto. Place: Ochavada Square.

Saturday 3 of June.

7:00h Reception of participants of the Fair of Purchase-Sale. Place: Purchase Zone.
7:30h Concentration for the II Job Test JENOFONTE for POE.
I Derbi «Prudencio Ginés». Proof of work for POE of less than 24 months.
Then go to tests. Location: Area of ANPOE
08:30h. Reception of POE specimens in exhibition cages at the Exhibition Center. Location: Zona ANPOE.
09:00h. Entries for the Monographic Contests of Spanish Mastiff (ring 1), Spanish Greyhound (ring 2) and Water Dog (Ring 3). 10:00 a.m. Beginning of Trials. Place: Exhibition Area.
09:30h. Test of skills in closed room for Andalusian podenco and maneto. For podencos Andalusian and handle up to 6 months and from 6 to 9 months of age. Registration from 9:00 a.m. In the stand of the FAC. Place: Auditorium of the Fairground.
09:00-10:30h Initial Registration and Breed Confirmations for Andalusian and Manta Podencos. Place: Exhibition Area.
10:00h Registration for the American Staffordshire Monographic Competition (ring 5 and 6) Location: Exhibition Area. 11:00 a.m. Beginning of judgments.
10:00h. Parade of rehalas by the fairground and the main streets of the city.
10:00h.I Photographic Marathon Feria del Perro. Location: Information stand of the City Hall.
10:00h. Opening of Purchase Zone and Commercial Zone.
10:00h. Exhibition of «Pastor Navarro». Place: Basketball courts.
10:00h. Shot to the plate with slingshot. Location: Zone Playground.
11:00h. National Monographic of the Andalusian Podenco and Maneto. Place: Exhibition Area.
11:00h. Exhibition of the Canine Unit of the Local Police of Malaga. Location: Exhibition area.
12:00h. Exhibition Canine Unit of the Provincial Consortium of Firemen Málaga. Place: Next Exhibition area.
13:00h Exhibition of «Pastor Navarro» Location: Basketball Court.
13:00h Rapport, trophy submission and recognition of the work test of the POE. Location: Area of ANPOE.
14:00h. Exhibition of Water Dogs. Location: La Alberca.
15:00h Registration for XXV National Canine Contest «Ciudad de Archidona» valid for the championship of Andalusia. 16:30 p.m. Beginning of Trials. Place: Exhibition area.
17:30h VIII Monograph of the POE and valuation of specimens. Location: Area of ANPOE.
17:30h Lecture-colloquium «Past, present and future of the Spanish Mastiff» Location: Hotel convent Santo Domingo.
18:30h Presentation of the dogs participating in the «I Andalusian Cup Memorial of Podenco Andaluz and Maneto» Place: Exhibition area.
19:30h Raport of the Monographic VIII with recognition to the specimens closest to the morphological standard.
Location: Area of ANPOE.
19:30h Composition of the batteries and drawing of fields of the «I Andalusian Memorial Cup of Podenco Andaluz and Maneto. Place: Center for Hunting Activities Carlos Astorga» The Borbollones «.
20:00h Talk about «The Andalusian podenco and the maneto in the competition – standard of work and its evaluations» Place: Center of Activities hunting Carlos Astorga «The borbollones».
21:00h Delivery of recognitions and dinner tribute to the Andalusian Podenco and Maneto. Place: Center for hunting activities Carlos Astorga «The Borbollones».
21:00h XIV ARCHI GOLD Edition for Champions dogs. Place: Plaza ochavada, Joya Barroco Andaluz.
24:00h Verbena Popular. Location: Ochavada Square.

Sunday 4 of June

07:00h Reception of participants of the Fair of Purchase-Sale. Place: Buy-Sell Zone.
07:30h IX Concentration of POE. Reception of specimens in cages. Location: Zona ANPOE.X Concentración del POE. Recepción de ejemplares en jaulas. Lugar: Zona ANPOE.
08:00h Meeting participants «I Andalusian Memorial Memorial Cup of Andalusia and Maneto Podenco». Place: Center for hunting activities Carlos Astorga «The Borbollones».

Location of the dog fair

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