Night of St. John on the Costa del Sol.

On the night of June 23, on the eve of St. John, the beaches of Malaga are filled to celebrate a magical night and the shortest of the year.
Moragas, barbecues, music and lots of fun are present in that night, where the bad and old burns to give way to the good and new. It is one of the few days, that you do not have to ask permission to the city of Malaga, to make a barbecue.

Where does this party come from?

The pagan holiday of the summer solstice of June 21 is Christianized by joining the feast of June 24, the day of the birth of St. John the Baptist.
Astronomically, the longest day, with the shortest night is June 21, entering summer 2017 officially on the 21st at 06: 24h in the morning. Being in that moment when the days begin to shorten and the nights to grow.
The night of St. John on the coast of the sun, is celebrated the night of the 23, on the eve of the day of St. John.
It is a tradition to burn paper dolls and sawdust made by neighbors called «Júas», trying to caricature the characters of the moment in a burlesque way.
The lighting of bonfires that day comes, when the father of St. John Bautista, Zacarias, to see that his wife Isabel gave birth, if to know that she was pregnant since it was sterile, lit bonfires to announce to everyone that her son had born.

Traditions and popular rituals for that day.

One of the traditions for that night is walking through a corridor of embers to purify oneself. Some will do it by faith, others by promise, others by giving up everything bad and others to show love to their beloved.
Then, when the clock finishes the last bell of midnight, we will have to go to the shore of the beach to wet our feet in sign of purification and to ask for a desire, all that united with the hands with which you most want.
They also say that if you jump 3 times on the embers, everything bad is burned to be reborn with the good.
It is also the night of getting rid of the bad by burning little pieces of paper with all the bad written, so that the fire purifies it and away from you.

Beaches of Malaga to celebrate the night of St. John

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