Malaga joins from 5 years ago to the fashion of the summer terraces on the roofs of hotels and restaurants. They are places very carefully and with a lot of style, they also offer a gastronomic offer for you that you will not stay with the bug. From the majority, you can enjoy the views of the city and many of them oriented to large monuments, which make it have a unique view. The exclusive atmosphere, is also a key feature, that make each more and more who frequent these corners gourmet. If you join days where the moon is in all its glory, we anticipate the resounding success of the evening. The environment also ensures, of course, a good music, to take care of the environment used the musical styles that surround it and relax, helping the conversation to flow naturally. The capacity, as is natural, is reduced, which causes prices to be higher than usual, but I must say that it is worth, that the environment and the place the deserve.

01. Terrace AC Málaga Palacio
Hotel AC Málaga Palacio, Calle Cortina del Muelle 1 | Tlf.: 952 21 51 85

The most famous, but also one of the first. No one will argue that their views are the best, but because of its height, not all of the days makes for a nice wind to go up and take a drink. Yes, to be a meeting point for the nights of the Festival of Malaga. Spanish cinema, also has something of a reputation for all the Spanish territory.
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02. Terrace Piscina Lounge
Hotel Molina Lario. Calle Molina Lario 22 | tlf.: 952 06 20 02

The eighth floor of the Hotel Molina Lario is presided over by the terrace to various heights, somewhat smaller than that of the AC (it is just the front), but more collecting in the days of wind. They usually organize concerts and activities, especially in the summer.
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03. Oasis Lounge
Azotea del Oasis Hostel Málaga. Calle San Telmo, 14 | tlf.: 952 00 51 16

The Oasis Hostel is a small Hostel located in the surroundings of Thyssen, and from that it opened it is a meeting place of foreign youth. With the opening of its terrace, this environment juvenir moved to its rooftop. It is one of the most inexpensive and the most successful since its inauguration.
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04.Terrace del Hotel Larios Room Mate
Marqués de Larios, 2 | tlf.: 952 22 22 00

The roof of the Room Mate is an ideal place for parties and events. Its location, in calle Larios, as well as the visual aspect of the space, make it be one of the most elegant of the entire city. In addition, its programming-which also include DJs – is very attractive for different types of public.
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05. Hotel Sallés Málaga Centro
Calle Mármoles, 6 | Tlf.: 952 07 02 16

Although this terrace is something out of the usual circuit of the city Centre-is situated next to the river Guadalmedina, has a young and fun environment, and it is common to organize concerts of indie music, some from artists such as Zahara.

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06. Alcazaba Premium Hostel (Batik)
Alcazabilla, 12 | Tlf.: 952 22 98 78

One of the openings most recent and also the most successful. Located above the Roman Theater, this space houses a hostel but also the restaurant Batik. In addition to its extensive menu, this place draws the attention for having various heights and a careful lighting during the night.
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07. Terrace del Museo Taurino
Plaza del Siglo, 2 (4ª planta) Tlf: 952 21 90 51

The terrace of the Bullfighting Museum has not had a great promotion, and it is still somewhat unknown to the greater part of the public. Despite this, its small size makes it a perfect place if you are looking for tranquility and some discretion.


08. Rooftop del Chinitas Hostel
Pasaje Chinitas, 3 | tlf.: 951 13 63 70

In addition to the AC, the roof of the Stones -also newly opened, is the best place if you are looking for are views of the Cathedral of Malaga. Also, they have a wide programme of activities during the months that remain open.
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09. Terrace del Soho (Hotel Bahía Málaga)
somera 8 | Tlf.: 952 22 43 05

Located on the eighth floor of the Hotel Bahia Malaga offers a privileged view of the center of the city. Seating is limited, no more than seventy people, ideal for those who want to «enjoy the tranquility and take some chatting for a while.
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10. Terrace Gourmet Experience (Edificio del corte Inglés)
Avenida Andalucía, 4-6 Malaga |tlf.: 952 07 65 33

A multispace dining with ten signatures that combines tasting with the sale of gourmet products.
«The Gourmet Experience Málaga» born like a cutting edge concept and innovative that allows you to enjoy different types of cuisine in a same place, at the time that the client can observe how they prepared the dishes.
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11. Terrace del Parador de Gibralfaro
Dirección: Castillo de Gibralfaro s/n. Teléfono: 952 221 904.

Hours. Open every day from eleven in the morning until 2 in the morning.
Prices. Beer is 2.45 euros; gin-tónic, from 4,10 to 6,30 euros and cocktails, 8.50 euros. The star of the menu is the mojito
Eat. You can take a sandwich, snacks and tapas from Malaga. They have an offer that is called ‘times’: ‘time beer’, ‘time snack’.
Activities. Fridays and Saturdays there is live music from 22: 30.
The best day to go. The weekend to enjoy the live music.
Environment. Half foreign half native malaga. Average age around 40 years.
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12. Terraza Dulces & Dreams Hostels
Plaza de los Mártires, 6 |Tlf.: +34 951 35 78 69

This hostel has a terrace with a chill out ambience, with free wi-fi where you can relax taking the sun, and take a drink.
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13. Room Mate Valeria hotel
Plaza Poeta Alfonso Canales, 5 | Tlf.: +34 952 06 04 01

The hotel Room Mate Valeria opens its terrace with pool, sea view and panoramic view of the city, which promises to become the meeting point of musicians and tourists.
Its stunning terrace, located on the 5th floor of the hotel, on the main Square of the Marina of Malaga.
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