Fair of artisan cheese Teba (From September 30 to October 1)

The County town of Teba held this year, coinciding with the entrance of the autumn, his seventeenth edition of the Fair, the Artisan Cheese Market, one of the culinary events and cultural, declared a Festival of Uniqueness Tourism of the Diputación de Málaga, the most well-known of the province.

The 30 days of September and 1st of October, the municipality of the comarca of Guadalteba will receive more than 20,000 visitors who will enjoy the variety of cheeses and delicacies artisans that has been offering the town for years with their well-known Fair of Artisan Cheese.

In regard to the organization of the fair, the city council has established a schedule for the end of the week, being the Saturday from 10.00 to 19.00, and from 10.00 to 18.00 hours on Sunday. To facilitate access to the municipality, has highlighted the mayor, the city Council will be a shuttle service of buses during the weekend totally free, with a few schedules, as well as two areas of parking lots for individuals who make use of their vehicles.

Nights of the beautiful Jarifa (29-October 1)

The municipality recalls how his life was like in medieval times.
In addition to the souk artisans, we have programmed workshops of incense, henna and ceramics, and there will be camel rides; performances of dance belly and oriental dance; parade; micro-theater; animation medieval with fakirs, witches and jugglers, and performances of medieval music and al-andalus was in charge of the Municipal Music School in Cartama, among other acts.

The arab souk will also have attractions such as exposure and exhibition of falconry, music and oriental dances, arches andalusian, animation and theatre of street, evening shows, children’s attractions…

Days of the soups perotas of Alora (October 7)

The town of Alora in the region of the Guadalhorce Valley, is known by the variety and quality of their crops, including citrus, fruit trees, olive groves and almond trees.

Each year, in October, this town pays homage to the traditional dish more important to its cuisine, made from bread, tomato, onion, bell pepper, garlic, mint, saffron and ground pepper: Soups Perotas.

The Plaza Low fired her becomes the point of encounter in which, in addition to a taste of the local gastronomy, its world famous olives, and the bread and wine of the land, you can enjoy an extensive program of activities with flea market of handicrafts, pandas de verdiales, musical performances and children’s workshops.

Fair of the mule in Sand (October 12)

The celebration of the Fair of the Mule is for the municipality of Arenas, in the region of the Axarquía, to recover those agricultural activities traditionally done with the help of this animal.

Each October 12, the town dresses itself up to celebrate its peculiar Fair of the Mule, where you can find a great variety of activities around this animal as the exhibition of mules, hardware, contests, loading, threshing, art of rigging and racing of mules, donkeys and horses.

Each year, in addition, it is a tradition to choose the driver or arriera of honor and finish the day with folk dances and the tasting of crumbs harvester, accompanied by muscatel wine eco-friendly in the area.

Every year it is tradition the meeting of the ranchers, old wranglers, traffickers, blacksmiths and guarnicioneros, conducting exhibitions and competitions of the best atalajes, fittings and loads, where you can choose the horseman of honor. Finish the celebration with folk dances and the tasting of crumbs harvester, watered with the excellent wines of the Sands.

Feast of chestnuts and wine in Yunquera (From 21 to 22 October)

Yunquera, each month of October, pays tribute to the chestnuts, typical fruit of the fall and base your kitchen more traditional, and exquisite wine from one of the grapes raised in the cold lands of the Sierra de las Nieves.

Roasted chestnuts, in syrup, cooked, candied or simply caught directly from the tree, in addition to a good wine, sweet, wine, pink or white, all enlivened with the music of the pandas de verdiales, attracting hundreds of people that day.

The party starts in the square where more than a dozen of stalls on offer from products, more serranos as strawberry trees, cold meats or oil, to the traditional pottery of the region, and continues with various activities as the cooking contest, the grape and the tasting of the typical
dish of Yunquera, the malcocinao, made from chickpeas, bacon,tripe, chorizo and black pudding.

Chestnut festival in Pujerra (October 28)

Pujerra, municipality of Serranía de Ronda, stretches along the Valley of the Genal between dense forests of pine and chestnut trees.

The fair includes a display of products manufactured on the basis of nuts, fruit that will share the limelight with the Patron saint of the village, the Virgin of Fatima.

There is verbena and chestnut tostón until the wee hours. Eat roasted chestnuts, accompanied with a glass of anise or brandy, and you can taste many dishes made with chestnuts.

In addition, you can also visit the Museum of the Chestnut, where we can find gear, clothes and utensils used in the collection of this rich fruit.

All enlivened by music, dancing and food for the present.