Fair of the dried meat (Benaoján). DATE: 2 and 3 December
The Fair of the dried meat, which is held every year in Benaoján in the dates prior to christmas, it is a good opportunity to explore this small village in the Mountains, but also to visit the factories of sausages in full production and test certain products, such as the loin fried or sausages dried in the sun on offer in the street. In addition, a score of ‘booths’ offer all kinds of handicraft products of the region such as cured meats, sausages, sweets, breads, preserves, honeys, and desserts.

Contest of Pastoral (Macharaviaya). DATE: December 6, 2017.
Benaque, a hamlet of Macharaviaya, held each year at the doors of Christmas to their traditional Contest of Pastoral, an event organised to commemorate the birth of one of their neighbors, more illustrious: the writer Salvador Rueda. During the first weekend of December, groups of pastoral work in different parts of the province come together in this little town to interpret christmas carols accompanied by traditional instruments such as the large zambombas pita, tambourines, mortar and sticks. The meeting takes place in the interior of the church of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Feast of the carrot morá (Caves Low). DATE: December 6,
On the first Sunday of December, the municipality of Cuevas Bajas pays tribute to one of the crops most exclusive, and also most distinctive of the region: the carrots, which is characterized by having a first layer purple, the other orange with streaks and, in its interior, the red heart. The party is held in the municipal soccer field with tastings of the typical cuisine cueveña, as cooked meats, wines, bread crumbs with carrots, sweet and resoli, which is the typical drink of the town. In addition, it organizes a flea market of products of the region and activities for children, in addition to performances with pandas de verdiales and local artists.

Feast of the wort and dried meat, (Colmenar). DATE: December 10,
The fame that has an Apiary for its sausages is reinforced every month of December, when after the conclusion of the traditional matanzas, the town organizes the Day of the wine, and the dried meat, in where they distribute wine land (wine), dried meat and other local products such as olive oil, goat cheese, sweets typical of the Christmas and lids that offer the bars in the village. In charge of the entertainment for the day on the streets are the Municipal Band and several pandas de verdiales. In addition, we held a contest of cured meats and a raffle of baskets for christmas.

Feast of the virgin of los Rondeles (Casarabonela). DATE: December 12,
Casarabonela it illuminates the night of December 12 to celebrate their traditional and atypical feast of Rondeles. Its origins lie in the rondeles, which were ancient baskets of esparto grass that is used on the presses of the oil mills to molturar the olive. Once the collection of the harvest, is pulled out in the night procession of the Virgin of the Rondeles illuminating it from the output of its Hermitage of the Vera Cruz up to the church of Santiago Apostol, with the fire of the rondeles oil-impregnated. The tour, which begins about ten and a half of the night, once he has blessed the fire, runs accompanied by the carols of the pastoral of the village, ending at dawn in the main square of the village, which offers fried plantains with oil, hot chocolate and donuts.

Fiesta de las Migas (Torrox). DATE: December 17,
The Sunday before Christmas day, Torrox celebrates its Feast of the Crumbs that, with time, has become one of the gastronomical dates with more pull of the Axarquia. From early in the morning, the neighbors take great pains to prepare and share the dish, accompanied by salad arriera and without missing the wine of the terrain that is selected, previously, in a local contest that is held at the beginning of December. The day was complete with musical performances and dancing, at the same time that, in many street stalls on offer, wine, honey, raisins, figs, fritters and the traditional arropía, along with the typical handicrafts of the area.