The Caminito del Rey is an engineering work, consisting of 7.7 km of which 1.5km are of suspended footbridges in the vertical walls of the gaitanes gorge. It is located between the municipalities of Antequera, Álora, the Valley of Abdalajís and Ardales, next to the village of the jet. It has up to 105 meters of height, with respect to the swamp of the Jet. Its original construction dates back to the time of Alfonso XIII in 1921 and was recently rebuilt by the Diputación de Málaga in March 2015, adopting all the security measures to ensure the route of its visitors, going from being the most dangerous path of the World to the safest. The objective of its original construction was to facilitate the passage of the workers for the maintenance and monitoring of the hydroelectric dam. It is a linear route with possibility of return by means of a bus that takes you to the point of origin. It is for all the public and it is not necessary to have a certain physical preparation. That yes, we must say that they are 7.7km in total, distributed as follows, 1.5 km of footbridges and 1.4 km. Of trail, everything else belongs to the distances that have to cross to pass through the control booths.

In addition to the unparalleled views, it has as its attractions the company of pines, holm oaks, eucalyptus, mountain birds such as griffon vultures and hawks, amphibians and wild goats within what is, this protected natural site. It is ideal for taking the photographer you carry inside.

The route of the Caminito is linear, not circular, in a single sense and descending from North (Ardales) to South (El chorro, Alora), so the visitor must ensure the return to the starting point by own methods or take the service Of bus to leave you at the starting point, for only € 1,55 / person and way.
From the moment you arrive and park and return to the same place, it can take between 3.5 and 4.5 hours.

How to get there?
Good by rail or road.

Por ferrocarrilil
It is necessary to take into account the schedules of RENFE together with the schedules of the shuttle buses to arrive at the control house of the north access, where is the entrance and the beginning of the visit, since the train arrives at the jet station that Is the starting point of the Caminito del Rey. So it will be necessary to go to the northern access point to take the route.I attached train timetable here.

By highway:

Option 1º:
Park the vehicle near the stop «Caminito del Rey – El chorro» (Álora) Which is the «southern zone» that is where the path of the road ends. So you have to go to the entrance of the Caminito that is in the «northern zone». This displacement can take us between 1 -1,5 hours.


A) About 30 minutes of waiting to get on the shuttle bus that will take us to the northern entrance area. I attach bus schedules here.

b) About 20-25 minutes of own bus ride.

c) From 20 to 50 minutes to travel the route between the arrival area of the bus to the checkpoint access to the Camino del Rey.

d) We are already in the North Zone. To cross this last route, there are 2 options, or go through the «small tunnel» located about 200 meters from the restaurant «El kiosko» (small illuminated tunnel) 1.5km the way to the access control booth, which It will take about 20 to 25 minutes.

Or, starting from the armchair of Alfonso XIII, or crossing the «Tunel Grande» that is next to the restaurant «El kiosko», where you have to travel about 2.7 km. This trail is narrow and not recommended for groups or people with difficulties.e) From 15 to 30 minutes waiting in the area of the control booth to form the visiting groups regarding the time of entry.

Option 2º:

Parking in the parking next to the north. (Area of the reservoir of the count of Guadalhorce in Ardales) and place where is the entrance to the road of the king.
In this option only the point d) previous.
And once you finish the route of the king’s road that will leave us in the south, we will have to take a shuttle bus that will approach us to the parking of the north zone, where we have parked our vehicle.

Some of the access rules to the caminito del rey are:
 – Bring the entrance with the name and ID.
– Use of mandatory helmet to be collected at the entrance and included.
– Liability insurance included.
– Free entry for climbers.
– Suitable clothing and footwear, as well as drinks and food as a snack.
– Beware of sun, wind, or rain, which necessitates the use of sunscreen, cap or raincoat if applicable, as the use of the umbrella is prohibited.
– It is important to know that there are no toilets on the route, which means that this point must be taken into account before starting the journey.
– No smoking.
– Prohibited for photography, the use of Tripods or any contraption that can obstruct the passage, as well as aerial devices like drones or similar.
– You can not scream, or bother with loud music, or say the famous echo, echo, to the four winds.

Of special interest is the suspension bridge «Ignacio Mena».

DAnd approximately 30 meters, is the most impressive step and the most dizzy. When it is suspended in the air, it moves and if we add that on the ground are wooden shelves that let you see the water of the gorge, makes it impressive.

Also one of the special enclaves on the crossing is its glass lookout.

If we have dared with the suspension bridge, we can also dare with the viewpoint with the transparent glass floor, which will delight the most curious to immortalize the moment.
Ticket purchase and more information:
Open from Tuesday to Sunday, except on December 24, 25 and 31 and January 1, and unless weather conditions prevent the visit.
Normal entry is approximately € 10.00
The entrance (10 €) + Guided Tour (8 €) are = 18 €
The entrance (10 €) + Guided Tour (8 €) + Bus (1,55 €) = 19,55 €
These prices may vary, so be sure on the official website
More information and reservations at: Official Web.

History of the Caminito del Rey.

Thus was made the Caminito del Rey

Opening Caminito del Rey 2015

The Caminito del Rey in bird’s eye view

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