Total Control

Touring motorcycles Harley Davidson needed a major facelift. That is why it is born the project RUSHMORE. This constant search for improved models of the series has become somewhat endless. Each year that passes we provide you with new improvements for all those who choose to drive one of these beautiful bikes. The effort has been primarily focused on walking and for faster, tracing the curves with greater safety and to see farther in the night. Among the features that this project offers is: The brakes are connected to Reflex with ABS, foglamps, LED Daymaker, illumination of the luggage rack Tour-Pak with most brightness, turn signals and brake more bright and steering with front forks more rigid. The good work provided that the motorcycles are the best ever written in steel Milwaukee.

Models Available

Harley Davidson Touring Road King

Harley Davidson Touring Road King Classic

On models Road King is where the style nostalgic and without embellishment blends with the performance and versatility of a machine touring Harley-Davidson modern. The lighthouse and its deck style Hiawatha were born in the decade of 1960, when the chrome was the king of the streets. However, the power of the all-new engine Milwaukee-Eight 107 gathers all here and now to give up. The suspension, completely new front with double-valve flex and the rear suspension-emulsion allow you to take control in a luxury ride. The Road King Classic offers tires white face and saddle bags, and covered seat upholstered in vinyl. This is the classic eternal that is manufactured for the present.

Harley Davidson Touring Street Glide Special

Harley Davidson Touring Street Glide Special

The model Harley-Davidson Special sets the world standard for a look that's Hot Rod with no frills. His style is often imitated, but never equaled. The all-new engine Milwaukee-Eight 107 supports the appearance of an energy of the engine torque is massive. The handling is incomparable thanks to the suspension is totally new and the brakes Reflex Linked Brembo. The model Special includes the infotainment system with 6.5-inch touchscreen display with integrated GPS and audio system BOOM! Box 6.5 GT, standard ABS, the interior of the fuselage gloss black and the skirt of the fuselage of the same color. When it comes to motorcycles, Street Glide Special, nothing compares.



Touring motorcycles Harley Davidson spent decades rolling the asphalt and rack up some miles going through all the corners of the map. With the project RUSHMORE to treat the evolutions of the model. When the time came to treat the convenience of the driver, we got in if skin, and we rode and we rode miles through all kinds of pavements by measuring all of the features that entered into play. In addition we tested the motorcycle with all kinds of inclement weather. With all the results of the studies we set up the air flow, the space of the passenger, the backups, the textures of the seating, the leg room, manual controls, and everything else that can affect the experience of the driver on the road. With the appropriate changes applied back to the road to check on those "in situ". It is for this reason that we dare to say that Harley Davidson makes the motorcycle more comfortable on the market. Do not wait and test one.


From the first hour, when we implement the Infotainment System on Harley Davidson motorcycles think that next to the high-end model, the sound had to be at the height of the range. Better sound, greater clarity and touch screens. Everything is controlled in a simple way and even some of the functionality from the handles. Voice activation, phone and GPS.


If something we take very seriously in the Project RUSHMORE is the sensation felt by drivers in motorcycle touring. Were something more than motorcycles. They belong to the environment of the united States of America. We set off in the modify operation to measure the sensations end. A thousand and one tests on the asphalt rounding out every detail that would improve the driver experience. When finally we discover what technology and innovations to improve the experience of the management of the motorcycle, everything was more easy, but we could not neglect the style of the motorcycle. Take a good look in the classic style, elegant appearance and modern Harley Davidson. Pure, strong and modern. Completely up to date as the System Infotainnment. There is still a lot of road ahead.