Leads and don't look back

If there is any motorcycle that can convert into a real trip going to the other side of the corner is, without doubt, the SuperLow 1200T. Owns the frame nimble and lightweight for easy driving. Windshield, removable saddlebags lockable to the open road. It has a new seat. A low center of gravity combined with a new suspension allows this bike to be ideal for the traffic of the city as to make your way on the road.

Great quality in the design

The only way to make a Harley Davidson motorcycle is to employ a top quality to the smallest detail. The model SuperLow 1200T is a witness. From the mighty roar of his brand-new engine V-Twin of 1200 cm3 up to the steel parts, not to mention its excellent paint and chrome. As more cabalgues on the back of this SuperLow 1200T you'll appreciate more of this quality in the designs.

Fuel tank "Teardrop"

The fuel tank's "Teardrop" of 17 liters (teardrop-shaped) of the model SuperLow 1200T means that you have enough fuel to cover long stretches of asphalt on the road. But if we speak of a gas tank Harley Davidson we are talking about a tank of gas apart from house gasoline has an elegant line and mounted in such a way that leaves show off the engine that contains.

Windshield quick release

The model of motorcycle SuperLow 1200T is designed and manufactured to cover large distances of road so that takes a windshield suitable for the occasion. If you want to feel the wind in your face or giving your motorcycle a look that more simple you can disassemble quickly its windshield.

Saddlebags with lock, docking points for the backrest of the passenger and rack for luggage

The SuperLow 1200T features a couple of elegant bags with lock. Has docking points to add a rack for luggage and a backrest for passenger custom and get some more space to save the team.

Cast-aluminum wheels divided with 5 arms

The Harley Davidson SuperLow 1200T features a cast-aluminum wheels divided in 5 arm black and polished machine getting a result of the first quality. Take a look. You will be impressed with its finish.

Custom finished real

The details have a lot to say in this model SuperLow 1200T. Notes your viewer headlamp, speedometer and bar sign turn chrome. Their cover of timer black, how not?, chrome.