Tank vintage with medallion in 3D

All models Heritage Softail Classic equipped with a beautiful medallion in chrome with inlays of glass that shows proud the legacy of these motorcycles to the length of the story. The tank has a 19 litre capacity for rides on the weekends. In addition, it has a final finish style cat's eye fully chrome-plated. We can say without fear to be mistaken that the paint and the style will not leave indifferent to anyone while driving.

Style nostalgic Custom

Is it possible that wheels with spokes, rims white, immaculate and leather is studded to add that touch so special that the Harley Davidson company is constantly looking for? Humbly, we believe, that yes. From the 40's when rolling these models for the Daytona Bike Week were getting more and more recognition. That spirit endures today in this motorcycle. You get a cocktail perfect between the modern and the nostalgic, including a clean appearance with its seat studded, tank-edged, the back together, their saddlebags next to precious spinners with a flurry of stars. We have provided new brackets on the interior of the saddlebags to prevent falls. Regarding the wheels you can choose between the standard steel interlaced with black rims and centre of chrome or you may choose for the classic ray-chrome with whitewall tires.

Rear shocks hidden

The historical problem of the bikes suspension rigid is that they are not comfortable. With the Heritage Softail Classic you can forget about all of this. It has done a great job in applying all the modern comforts where they belong; under the surface of the motorcycle for that classic look that you both like without to renounce to the latest technology. In this way you get classic lines of old structure "hard tail" with shock absorbers rear horizontal hidden on the inside. That finish stiff so characteristic only find it on a Softail model.

Console mounted on the tank

Get all the information that you need, in the driving of this motorcycle instantly. The speedometer has a large screen next to another auxiliary where samples of the marches and revolutions per minute (RPM).

New interior bracket for the saddlebags

The roots - "Dresser", this motorcycle will make its presence felt in the saddlebags genuine leather available. To all this we add personalized details to embellish even more this motorcycle. Together with their supports, rigid interior for everything look compact and fixed while ruges in the way.