List of questions

The rental of any of our cars is from the age of 23 years old 2 years old.

The category B license, with validity in course and with seniority for at least one year, is sufficient.

Yes. At the time of picking up the car you must present the driver's license.

Yes, on payment of a supplement of Euro 5.00 euros per day. The owner of the rental has the obligation to communicate to our company other possible names of people who can drive the vehicle.

The cost varies depending on the type of car chosen, the insurance coverage, the equipment selected and the duration of the rental.

The initial cost, provides services that, by their nature, can be modified. For example, the supply of the car, any fines, or breakages not covered by the insurance chosen, etc ...

Rental rates include compulsory liability insurance by law (R.C.A.), theft and fire insurance (with franchise) and coverage of motor vehicle damage (with franchise).

No, the cost of airport charges is already included in the rental rate.

No, the cost of airport charges is already included in the rental rate.

The rental of any of our cars is from the age of 23 years old 2 years old.

In any of our offices in Malaga that are in the main transport terminals of the city.

At the end of the period fixed at the time of rental. A rental day is considered 24 hours (starting at the time of delivery) with a tolerance of 2 hours. After this time, you will have to pay an additional day of rent. The return is scheduled in office hours. Outside office hours an amount of Euro 20,00 is foreseen.

Yes, prior notification to the company, which will extend the insurance coverage, to be made within 24 hours of the term of return provided at the time of rental.

Yes, otherwise, in addition to the amount of the missing liters, a supplement of Euro 35.00 will be withheld for the management and supply service.

In any of our offices in Malaga.

The accident must be reported within 24 hours to one of our offices. It is necessary that the driver complete in all its sections the Accident form, in order to avoid the payment of the franchise in the absence of proven liability.

The customer in need of a replacement vehicle, can obtain it, whenever it is available. The company may in any case, in its judgment, not grant a replacement vehicle.

The fine resulting from an infraction that violates the road safety law will be borne by the driver, who is obliged to pay immediately or, in case of impossibility, to give immediate communication to our company, in order to avoid the application of The anticipated surcharges in case of late payment.
In case of a specific request by the police, the company is obliged to supply the name of the driver who will receive the notification of the fine for the payment.

The custody of the keys is in charge of the client. In case of loss, an amount of Euro 150,00 (VAT included) is foreseen.

The custody of the documents is in charge of the client. In the event of loss, a debit of Euro 300,00 (VAT included) will be charged.

It is possible to travel to Gibraltar or Portugal, under authorization and payment of the service.

At the end of the on-line reservation process, the reservation voucher that you will need to print and carry with you to present at the time of rental will be automatically sent to the e-mail address indicated by you. In addition to a summary of the reservation, you will be accompanied with a document with expanded information.

Pets can travel with you in our cars.In case the interior of the car is in bad condition at the time of its return, with an excess of stains or dirt, an additional cost will be applied to cover the expenses corresponding to its cleaning .

Usually you can choose a car group, not a specific brand or model. We will show you an example of that group so that you get the idea of the type of vehicle you will have.

We have many cars in different styles and sizes, so you can always book the perfect car you need for your trip. Our cars are categorized into various groups, such as Group A or Group J. The fact that we make car reservations in groups helps us provide a high quality service, avoiding confusion about the car you are going to reserve or if you qualify for
For example, in Spain, if you book a car under the age of 25 you will have to choose between Group A (like a Fiat 500) , Group B (like an Opel Corsa) or Group C cars (like a Seat Leon).
Car groups will also help you understand useful information such as the charge (the franchise) that will apply to you In case you find yourself involved in an accident, which may vary from one group to another.

We have a wide range of cars within each group, so we can not guarantee the make, model or color. 'Or similar' Simply provides a clearer idea of the type of vehicle you are going to have, within a range with similar performance.

You can now check your reservation on the web and modify extras, inform the flight number or pay in advance.
If you want to modify the rest of the data, please contact us by email with our reservations department (info@autoslido.com) indicating The reservation number and the data you want to change.

To extend your car you should go to our offices. No prolongation is possible on our website. It is also not possible to extend by telephone in more than one occasion, since it implies making payment of money for what is needed to appear in our offices, in addition to a review of the vehicle to guarantee the quality of the service.

You can cancel your reservation directly. Enter your bonus number and send us an email to cancel your reservation in just a few seconds. If you can not cancel your reservation through our website, please contact us by email with our reservation department (info@autoslido.com) indicating your reservation number or your name and date of arrival.

When you cancel your reservation, our office staff will record the cancellation and proceed to your return immediately. Although we make the return immediately, sometimes and depending on the bank, it may take several days to see reflected in your bank account. If you see that it takes to receive it in your account do not hesitate to ask us by e-mail the receipt. This procedure will be effective when the rent payment system is implemented for early collection.

With Autos Lido you will NOT have any reservation cancellation fee as long as you cancel your reservation by email or telephone.

We confirm reservations by a vehicle group, not by car model, since it is not possible to know what type of vehicle will be delivered until the moment of your arrival. However, we guarantee that it will be with the same characteristics and within the reserved group or a higher group if by our commercial activity we do not have the group of vehicle selected by you.

Yes you could if you show us the proof of renewal of your card or we have the data in our client file.

The lido rent a car offices are located in Malaga city: Maria Zambrano Train Station. In Malaga International Airport Costal del Sol. Please start your reservation and once you have selected the destination you can see details such as price, availability, location, timetables, commercial conditions and any other information you may need.

There is no problem to do it since we are for the return of the car 24h in Malaga airport, but would have to notify it during office hours, from 9:00 to 19:00.
Málaga city: Maria Zambrano Train Station In hours of 10.00 to 20.00 hours every day of the year.

If you travel by plane it is very important to inform us of your flight number to confirm the time of your arrival. If you do not travel by plane and go directly to our offices, simply write the word -office- in the Flight No. field and we will be able to deliver your vehicle without problem.

If your reservation is confirmed with us, please tell us a phone number and we will be in contact to wait for you and give you your car or motorcycle.

We will give it to you in the first rent you have with us and we will provide you a loyalty card for upcoming rentals.

Please contact us by e-mail at info@autoslido.com and we will proceed to change your data or when you rent with us it is enough to provide us with the data that has changed and will be modified in our file.

Usually the confirmation voucher must be sent to your e-mail automatically. Sometimes it may take a few minutes to receive it. If you see that you do not receive it may be because the email has been declared as "spam" so please check your rejected mailing list.

We recommend that you book on the web for its speed and cost. You can make your reservation by telephone to the number 34.952.23.78.04, always indicating the office where you want to take the car.

Check our terms and conditions in the insurance section.

Compulsory insurance with franchise
Personal accident insurance.

Car rental with full insurance without excess with deposit.

Always leave a deposit for the rental of a car or motorcycle.
This deposit is automatically unblocked at the end of the contract and does not generate bank transfer, so you will not see any charge or refund in your account.

Our vehicles can NOT be transferred outside Peninsular Spain on any ferry between the Balearic Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and / or the Peninsula. For collection in offices of the Peninsula: our vehicles can leave, as an exception, to Portugal and Gibraltar.

Without any doubt, since our prices are calculated daily and according to the availability of our fleet at any time.

The payment can either be made by credit card, debit or cash.

We accept the payment of the rent of the vehicle in cash.

Yes. But for any pre-authorization for the amount of the franchise, you will need a card plus credit.

We can accept a credit card that is not yours, but the owner must be present at the time of the rental of the car or motorcycle and accept the conditions of the rental contract that you make.